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There are many beautiful places to dream about - which place would you like to visit?

Read about the biggest and smallest cities - experience the wildlife on the different continents. You visit famous buildings and see magnificent natural phenomena.

The children's own atlas is filled with fantastic facts and exciting knowledge.

You can also try the fun quiz in the book.

Age: 6-13 years

Genre: Picture books - Fact books

Number of pages: 64

Type: Hardcover

Format: 30 x 24 cm



Lecturer's statement

“The colorful map is inviting and offers exciting information about the individual continent's climate and the countries' exciting characteristics. It is an atlas that can ignite the curiosity and desire to know more about the world's many amazing places ”
Pia Gunilla Park, DBC


Model: 9788771069952

Fint atlas. Tak for hurtig handel

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