Cute cradle from Moover - Danish design by Kåre Tofte is available in 3 colors


Beautifully designed cradle that is perfect for children who want to cuddle around their favorite dolls and teddy bears.
Moover Line Toys is a brand new set of toys that allow you to assemble a whole set of equipment.
Moover Line products have a new smart design and are made in the same good quality as the classic Moover products.

The doll bed can easily be cradled gently and has a cute cut on the headboard.
The cradle fits the other Line products, allowing you to assemble the entire set of doll equipment.

The cradle comes unassembled in a flat box and is super easy to assemble.
Painted with non-toxic paint.

Age: +1 years
Size: 27 x 46 x 30 cm
Color: Purple, white or pink
Also available in: Pink and White


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