Mouthie Mitten biting glove from Malarkey Kids


The Mouthie Mitten bite glove from Malarkey Kids is a practical bite glove and designed to relieve pain in the gums in the event of a baby's teeth erupting.

From the age of 3 months, the gums may begin to become sore. But as a 3-month-old, the baby is not even able to hold on to a bite. Therefore, the child often uses their own or the parents' fingers or hands to get relief from the gums.

The Mouthie Mitten is designed to protect the baby's hands, while providing pain relief and creating curiosity and interest in the nude glove. The bite glove cannot be dropped as it is attached to the baby's hand.
The bite glove is attached to the baby's hand and can therefore not be dropped.

Mouthie Mitten should be washed regularly.
Mouthie Mitten is machine washable. However, it can also simply be washed by hand with neutral soap and a brush. The glove can be dried in a dryer on medium heat. (NOTE. Do not over-dry).

Mouthie Mitten is produced in silicone, is free of BPA and phthalates as well as of soft water-resistant fabric of high quality . The biting glove has been tested according to all applicable rules.

Rough and flexible surface that provides pain relief for gums
- Adjustable velcro strap for attachment to the child's hand
- Protects the child's hands
- Fits both right and left hand

- Washable storage bag / bag for included

Choose between 2 colors: Mint and pastel pink

Size: 9.75 x 2 x 8 cm.
Age: 3-12 months.


Model: MK-MM06

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