Scooter Rosa from Little Dutch


Emma sets off on this nostalgic and beautiful retro scooter, "It's soft and I don't puncture at all"

The little scooter from Little Dutch - is made of wood and painted in a nice mint color and decorated with white.
The scooter has adjustable seat that is upholstered and padded, so Emma seats well. Everything has been thought of, the handles are made of rubber, so they are non-slip and soft to hold on to. With its limited steering radius, turning is prevented, which reduces falls and injuries. Everything has been thought of, from the seat via the handle to the point-free rubber wheels.

The many hours of play train the child's motor skills and balance so that they are ready for the right cycling. A perfect training toy.
The scooter comes partially assembled, but is quite easy to assemble.

Material: Wood
Color: Pink shades
Size: Approx. 75 x 54 x 35 cm.
Age: 2+ years.


Model: LDW4373

Little Dutch is a Dutch company that specializes in unique products for children and the children's room. The Wooden Toys Collection from Little Dutch is a beautiful series for the little ones in painted wood that strengthens and stimulates hand / eye coordination, motor skills and learning. The beautiful wooden things are made of: the following: beech wood, rubber wood, MDF, plywood and teak wood, in addition, the paint is water-based.


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