LEGO® - The book about everything


A LEGO ® adventure on every conceivable subject in science and technology, nature and history.

Hundreds of LEGO minifigures share thousands of the latest, cool facts and hundreds of photographs of incredible things.
And then there are also ideas for LEGO things that the whole family can build.
Recharge your brain!


Age: 6-8 years and 9-13 years

Number of pages: 176

Format: 29 x 25 cm.


Lecturer's statement

The fact book contains many popular topics and in that way is actually about "everything" in science, technology, nature and history, as the title says. It works great, and it's fun with the minifigures as guides and with the ideas for LEGO things that the family can gather around and build themselves. All in all, a really good browse book on many different topics ”
Torben Wilhelmsen, DBC

Model: 9788771069891

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