Professor Bamse's large dictionary - Forlaget Bolden


With more than 400 things and words, and over 100 gates to explore, you will find Professor Bamse's great dictionary, which is the ultimate look-find-point dictionary.

It's just about going up discovery!

The large beautiful drawings of familiar things and places - and all the fun gates - make it fun to learn new words and it is also a good framework for conversation and cozy moments between child and adult.

Can you find Professor Bamse - because he is hiding behind some of the book's doors?

Age: 3-5 years

Type: Hardcover cardboard book

Number of pages: 22

Format: 32 x 25 cm

Extras: Flapper

Model: 9788772050119

God bog med flotte tegninger som vi har meget glæde af sammen med vores søn

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