Vissevasse - Picture Bingo - Picture Lottery


It's so nice to get the whole family together. At holidays, birthdays or just an ordinary everyday life. And when big and small are together, it's great to have a game that everyone can take part in.

Select a caller and the game is in progress.

The rules are simple:

  • Each player selects his plate and a caller is selected.
  • The caller describes the motif on the piece.
  • The player who has the motif on his plate shouts "Here", gets the card and places it on the corresponding motif on his plate.
  • The one who gets a full plate first has won.
  • The prize is up to you: a lollipop, the dishes, an ice cream or a run. Limited only by imagination.

This game contains 12 different plates and 108 different pieces.

Number of participants: 2-12 players from 2 to 99 years (or as long as you want to play!)

The box measures 28 x 19 x 3 cm.

The product is FSC ® certified. The FSC mark is your guarantee that you can buy a paper product with a clear conscience. When you choose FSC-labeled products, you are helping to take care of the forests and the people and animals that live in them.


Model: 2018-009-G8

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