Beautiful kitchen with accessories from LITTLE DUTCH


Beautiful, educational and exciting kitchen with accessories from LITTLE DUTCH

The kitchen fits into any living room, play corner or children's room and is absolutely ideal for children to play with.

The kitchen consists of a sink with faucet, an oven with door, a shelf, a clock and a stove with two hotplates.
In addition, the finest equipment is included: such as pots, oven glove and salt and pepper shakers.

The hob buttons and the oven give a click when turned.
The stove is equipped so that the little chef can prepare a delicious meal.

The stove strengthens children's imagination, immersion and challenges them to adventure and role play.

The stove comes with an extra elevation (6 cm) which you can place under the kitchen legs, so that the little chef can use the kitchen for several years.

Age: +3 years
Size: 59.5 x 29.7 x 82.4 cm
Material: Wood
Color: Mint

Model: LDW4433

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super og rigtig god kvalitet. Tak for den fine hilsen også

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