BLAFRE is a Norwegian family company that was established in the autumn of 2005.
Blafre products are now sold in well over 600 stores in more than 10 different countries. BLAFRE has its own distributors who handle sales outside Norway. BLAFRE is a Norwegian design with bright colors and usually naive, characteristic figures. In 2011, General Manager and Designer Ingrid Erøy Fagervik was awarded the Start Button by the Norwegian Minister of Industry, Trond Giske. The jury's decision included: "Through her distinctive and unique line, Ingrid creates products that hit the target audience; grandchildren with a love of color and retro design. This is how she has taken the spirit of the times. Retro design is not only part of the fashion model, but is also has become an important element in equipment and packaging. Throughout the development phase, she has been true to the concept and has created a company that has the potential to become a strong brand. The jury is also impressed with how she elegantly transferred the style and design from simple card production. for ever new materials. ”