The history of the monkeys - and a trip to Denmark.

Bettina Buchwald traveled around 2016 with her family in Sri Lanka. By chance she came across these beautiful monkeys. When she showed great interest in the monkeys, she found the producer and went on an unannounced visit to the factory. This visit provided an opportunity to follow the production, talk to the employees and follow the many different processes.

Child labor in Sri Lanka is not permitted. The children must first work from the age of 15, a legislation that is respected and valued by the manufacturer.

As women in Sri Lanka stop working when they have children, the families' finances are often extremely strained and the families are dependent on the men's income. The Fairtrade factory helps to ensure a better future for their employees.

The factory employs a driver who drives home to the women who cannot show up at the factory. The employee drives home to the women with materials so that they have the opportunity to work from home and thus earn their own money.

In addition, the factory also has employees with physical and mental disabilities.

Bettina Buchwald is the sole importer in Denmark, but the monkeys are sold in several EU countries.

The monkeys are produced in 100% cotton, the factory dyes all the fabric itself. The filling is polyester, and the monkeys can therefore be washed in the washing machine and dry easily.

The monkeys are both sewn by hand and on small sewing machines. Each monkey has been through the hands of several seamstresses, which makes each monkey unique.

Bettina Buchwald says: "I have seen with my own eyes how this factory makes a very big difference to their employees every day"

You do too when you buy these beautiful monkeys.