Tool belt from EverEarth


Super practical and smart tool belt from EverEarth

With this smart and super cute tool belt, the child can help with the construction. The imagination is stimulated. The tool belt contains: saw with ruler, wrench, hammer, and wrench.

In an exciting way and in play, the child gets to know the different pieces of tool - what they are used for and what they are called. Fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination are trained and the child's creativity and cooperation skills are trained.

Str. 8.5 X 4.5 X 36 cm.

Age 36 + months

Model: EE33714

Rigtig god service, mit barnebarn er lykkelig for at hjælpe morfar med at bygge. Og tak for den fine pixibog om hunden Ib. Det er ikke sidste gang vi handler hos jer.

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