Vissevasse - Memory - Memory game

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Reversal games are always fun. Both children's and adults' memory is put to the test.

The game contains 54 pairs of minimalist and gfra-fishing CERTAIN motifs.

Game rules: Mix all pieces. Spread them over a hard surface with the motif facing down.

The players take turns to turn two fires, and if there is a match, you have to save it and try again. If there is no match, the piece is turned over again, and then it is the opponent's turn. The player who has eventually found the most pairs has won. You can play anything from 10 to 54 pairs.

When you are done with the flip game, you can use the graphic side of the pieces to make beautiful geometric patterns. There are an infinite number of combinations, both skewed and symmetrical, so only the fantastic sets the limits.

Product info:

Item no .: 2017-175-G1

The box contains 2 x 54 pieces.

The pieces measure: 59 x 59 mm. and is 2 mm. tall.

The box measures: 19.5 x 19.5 x 3.5 cm.

Model: 2017-175-G1

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