Addi double crochets 3,0 mm


AddiCraSyTrio Bamboo - 3.0 mm.
Stocking needles from Addi consist of only 3 needles. You probably know the old method with 5 needles, but with 3 needles, your sock project will be much easier to handle than before with the usual needles.

Now you only have to concentrate on three needles, the two to put the stitches on, and then the third to knit with, this new method means that you have more control over your knitting project than before, and you avoid losing your stitches , which will make your work much easier. The knitting needles are flexible so that one needle does the same thing as two needles did before. With these fantastic new knitting needles from Addi, your new sock projects can only be a success.

We have tested them and we can definitely recommend them.


Reference addiCST30

3.0 mm - addiCraSyTrio Bambo

Model: addiCST30

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