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Sleeping lamp bear LED Lamp

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Beautiful LED SleepyLight - Bear lamp with remote control that is easy to use. The brightness can be adjusted, hours can be set and it can be lit in 12 different colors. Throughout a wonderful and contemporary lamp that can follow the child for many years.

SleepyLight contains 4 different functions:
1: Sleep: Dim the brightness, and is therefore perfect to sleep on
2: Hours: The light goes out after 40 minutes
3: Rainbow: Changing function that can display all the colors (but only for 20 minutes if running on battery)
4: Side Lamp: Clear white illumination of the plate.

Aloka Sleepylight's NEW Features:
Aloka Sleepy Light can now be run on 3 x AA batteries (included) or connected to a power source, using the included USB cable.
The power source can be either a computer or a smartphone charger with a USB connection (100-240Vac to 5Vdc).
The base contains buttons that can be used for - Switch the light on / off, select the color and setting of the timer.

Battery-saving 'Stand-by' function:

Aloka Sleepylight is produced with a smart little circuit, which makes it possible to differentiate between Standby mode depending on whether the lamp is connected to power via USB, or is battery powered.
- If the lamp is connected to power via a USB cable, it can be switched on and off with the remote control.
If the lamp is battery-powered, you can switch it off with the remote control, but only switch it on again, on the middle button on the base. (This also applies to the 'Try-me' setting)

This feature ensures a significantly longer battery life.

- 1 x Selected design upright
- 1 x 12v LED base (with button control)
- 1 x Interactive remote control
- 1 x USB cable
- 3 x AA batteries

Made of elastic acrylic.
Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 6 cm.

Model: AL0651

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