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There's nothing better than the family gathering around a cozy game and a fun guessing game.

The Guess a Ramasjang game allows you to entertainingly compete for who knows the beloved Ramasjang characters best.

The game consists of a series of cards, with each card having five clues and one answer. For each participant, it is important to guess the right answer with as few clues as possible. The fewer clues you use, the more points you get. The one with the most points wins the game.

An example of a task card:
He's got a beard, glasses and braces.
He likes to sing
You'll find him in his very own pirate show.
He has a friend named Spectacles
He shares his name with something that can be eaten

Answer: Uncle Prawn

Recommended age: 4+year
Number of players: 3-8
Running time: About 15 minutes
Contains 50 to-do cards and Danish rules of the game.

Have a great time.

Model: 1-1400065

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