Ice cream parlor - JABADABADO


Children's play doesn't get any sweeter than this!
This Beautiful ice cream parlor is guaranteed to support the child's immersion.
The ice cream parlour has a large selection of different ice creams, ranging from popsicles to ice cream dessert and soft ice cream.
An ice cream, strawberry topping and chocolate sauce are included.

The ice cream parlor also has plenty of space downstairs, so you can sell other things from the stall.
The trolley has wheels, so it can easily be driven around to all ice-hungry customers.
The cart is 91 cm high.

Contains: 1 x ice cream shop on wheels, 1 x ice cream spoon, 1 x strawberry topping, 1 x chocolate sauce, 3 x pindis, 3 x soft ice cream, 2 x ice cream cups, 1 x bell.

Age: +3 years
Packaging size: 51 x 10 x 63 cm
Product size: 58 x 29 x 91 cm
Material: Wood


Model: W7136

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